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For at least a decade, point-of-care testing (POCT) has had a significant impact on clinical medicine and the medical diagnostics industry, with sustained growth in testing volume and continual technological breakthroughs.

The convenience and ease of use of POCT coupled with the speed of results can offer critical information sooner to physicians improving medical care delivery.

The increasing POCT trend shows no sign of abating, as drivers such as the need for hospitals and clinics to better manage capacity and improve care all at reduced costs, coupled with further innovations, are making POCT more attractive than ever.

Many clinical environments have assessed and implemented POCT to improve patient outcomes. Joldon Diagnostics customer service representatives are available to discuss:

  • Key emerging technologies in POCT
  • Transitioning from laboratory in vitro diagnostics to point of care diagnostics
  • Evidence-based medicine in point of care testing
  • Point of care testing as an essential critical care medicine tool
  • Point of care testing is an important resource tool for practicing family medicine
  • For a complete list of POCT products see our test catalogue.

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